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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lust List February

Hey! So I was thinking of doing a monthly favourite post, but I thought it might be easier if I just show you the item/s I've been lusting for for quite a while now. Also, this is a way to satisfy my needs of buying all of them.
We all had those moments, right? The itch to shop? Or is it just me? Idk. But! As hard as it is to NOT shop, I kind of "cure" the itch by going to online shops and put everything that I want in "my bag/cart" and then after I've gone through all of the items, I will immediately close the browser and throw my laptop away. That works...for most of the time.

So anyway, I was doing that again, but I just spent quite a sum of money by shopping earlier, so I know that I have to stop. And then I realized that I have some items that I really want to purchase for the next few months (once I've recovered). So I made the list, and here it is!

1. Reformation "Baby Jacket" (USD228)

I've already seen this jacket few months back, and I've already fallen in love with it. I just chose to ignore it for a while because I was also recovering back then (LOL), but now I want it soooo much! If this does not scream coolness to you, I don't know what will. This is currently out of stock, and has a waitlist, so of course, I signed up. Never letting this baby go.

2. Mansur Gavriel Shoe Collection Spring '16

I loved their cute minimalist bag, but I love their shoes even more! I swore to myself to never spend anything super expensive until I get a pair of these. I'm not sure which style yet, but I going towards low-heel.

3. Westward Leaning Sunglasses "Flower 13" (USD275) 

My favourite accessories ever are sunglasses. I'm a sunglasses junkie. So when I saw Olivia Palermo sporting this baby, I knew I had to get it. I was actually planning on getting either a Miu Miu sunglasses or a Dior "So Real" sunglasses, but since I already got the Dior "Reflected" one, I thought I should probably buy something else. So this Westward Leaning sunglasses is the new baby. I love how the "brow bar" is kinda like 'So Real' but still a different shape overall. This also has a waitlist, and I sure as hell hope that this and the Reformation jacket won't be available at the exact same time. 

4. Jesse Kamm Sailor Pant (USD395)

CROPPED WIDE LEG PANTS. I'm getting pretty obsessed about it. I guess, anything that's not skinny jeans is appealing to me now. But this pair by Jesse Kamm, that I've been seeing all over Pinterest, has been killing me for the past week or so. It look so damn flattering even though I doubt that it will look great on me, but still!!! Summer essential, girl!!! It looks so damn good!!! I have tears right now!!

I realized that if I purchase all of this in one seating, I will be at least 2 years broke. I'm praying for every fashion god/goddess out there to bless me with either money or any of these items. No knock-offs though. I'd rather not get any of these, than acquiring one from a fast fashion store. No, thank you. 
But really, I will work my ass off to get that Reformation jacket....