Jacklyn in White

It has been a while since I last did something like this- playing dress up and taking self-portraits. it feels like I'm going back to my roots, and I actually feel great! I never fully appreciated the kind of work (my blog) I did in the past but every now and then, I go back to my old blog and read through everything I wrote and look at all the photographs I took.
I continue to be mesmerized and shocked at my work. I can't explain it. Maybe it's nostalgia, or lack of confidence, or perhaps it's complete realization that I am capable of doing something great and i just didn't recognize it at first.

Anyway! I did all of these just to showcase the purses I got from @shoppoppy! I always try to get new bags from them every time someone visits the Philippines. I'm in love with the designs and the quality of the bags are superb! I used to be a bag snob (pockets for life!!!) but after a while, I started to appreciate accessories and what they do to outfits. So here we are, 6 bags in from shoppoppy, and possibly more to come!

If you're in Philippines, check out @shoppoppy's website or their instagram!

ps. i'm not being paid to say this. lol i wish! I just really love the bags and the owner!! :)


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