Hi! If you know me for at least 8-10 years, you know I’ve been dabbling in and out of blogging. I had my very first blog in Tumblr (duh!) after reading Laureen Uy’s and Camille Co’s blogs. I was mesmerized by their style, lifestyle and personalities they portray in their blogs. Slowly, I was sucked in to the world of digital media. After my Tumblr blog, I wanted to make it more “legit-ish”, so I created an actual website when I was 15. I pretty much did most of the website layout myself. It was not easy but looking back, I feel proud of what I accomplished. Back then, I took more than half a year off school because we were waiting to fly to Toronto to be with my mom. In that 7 months, I mostly focused on creating content. I bugged the hell out of my cousin to take photos of me; I even bribed her with food! In some cases, when I have no one to take my photos, I would do it myself. All I had was a small Canon digital point-and-shoot and a bunch of books as a tripod. It worked but obviously, quality was compromised. Regardless, I was eager to do more and be better.
When I arrived in Toronto, I have again, so much free time while waiting for school to start, so all I had was my blog. I used it to connect to old friends and also a way to kill time. I did the same technique I had before but this time, I used my new iPhone— the camera was way better than my Canon anyway. Around this time, I was also patchy with my content. I wasn’t posting as much because I was busy figuring out the new city I moved in to. Later on, I met my best friend, Paola, she helped me build my blog again and even took most of my photos. She was a big help and I greatly appreciate her!  
However, even with all my (and my friends’) great efforts, the blog slowly died. I lost focus in it and quite frankly, I just didn’t feel like writing again. I felt like there’s nothing for me to talk about or that I can’t think of anything to talk about. As weird as it sounds, it seemed like I grew out of it. It was a huge part of my teenage years and as I grow old and got busy with tackling adulthood, I didn’t find a reason to keep it going.
After several years, I’ve been thinking of going back to it again. I wanted to have a niche though and for about a year now, I still can’t figure out what I wanted. I was having a hard time to come up with things to talk about. I even made the website and got it all done and yet, I’m still loss for words. All that was changed recently… I was asked to write a piece for an internship application and I need to write about what I think is an important topic to talk about during this pandemic we’re in. As I was writing, I realized how much I missed it. I then went back to read some of my old entries from my archived blog and I realized why I enjoyed it before— I felt no pressure in writing what I wanted to write. Granted that most entries were stupid but it all came from me. The words made me feel what I was feeling when I was writing it and that nostalgic feeling helped me decide as to what I want right now.
So after 4 long paragraphs, I’m basically hyping myself to write more and to actually put focus on blogs again. I know this must be weird considering not a lot of people read blogs anymore (hello, hello short attention span people!) but this helps my creativity and during a time like this, when we’re all slumped, it’s good to exercise our creative minds. So here we go! Niche-less blogs and weird content coming you’re way! Hope you like it! xx