We’re 2 months in into this social disty thing and whether we like it or not, we are going to feel the quarantine slump! To be honest, I haven’t really been doing anything extra productive lately. It is so easy to lounge around in big tees or robes, but that can be very dangerous especially for someone who procrastinate a lot (me). So to combat the laziness, I decided to burn all of my sweats or anything that looks comfortable and opted for clothes I would normally feel uncomfortable in if I were to wear it outside!
Just kidding. Most of my clothes are comfortable, sometimes, way too comfy. I almost feel like I have lazy clothes (don’t know what that means but it makes sense in my head, we’ll roll with it). I can never burn all of it!
Anyway, here are the 2 worthy outfits I put on the past week. Since landing an internship, I feel more productive and I wanted to make the most out of it by getting dressed. It helps me feel inspired and it helps to separate home and work. I also am avoiding the hell out of bedroom so there’s that!
Outfit 1 :

This was Wednesday. I had a great productive day that day and I think it’s mostly because I put on real, pretty clothes and walked in cute heels all day! I put on a white tank with paperbag shorts in my favourite shade of green, paired it with pretty round kitten heel sandals and a vintage blazer!

Blazer: @spacevintagexo ; tank: Calvin Klein men’s ; Shorts: Aritzia ; Sandals: Primadonna PH
Outfit 2:

Friday! (Thursday was blah, don’t ask!) This time I dug up these trousers from Oak and Fort. It’s like a mix of sweatpants and culotte, but with softer and more luscious fabric. So comfy! But if you follow Amy Smilovic of Tibi, you know her Creative Pragmatist style philosophy! Mix chill pieces with formal or not-so-chill pieces! In this instance, my eyelet crop top and it’s puffed sleeve moment is definitely not chill, but because it’s paired with those pants, it’s feels more dressed down but still put together. Added it with strappy sandals completed the creative pragmatist look!
Top and Trousers: Oak and Fort ; Sandals: Primadonna PH
Can we stop and appreciate this open-back moment? Obsessed!
also, here’s the shoes I wore! I couldn’t capture the whole fit so posing like this will do just fine!