I think my absolute urge to shoot in film usually comes out in warmer months. I am a film enthusiast and I started collecting cameras since I was in Grade 12. Since then, I've acquired 4 cameras and all of which I found in the small corners of my local thrift store. Right now, my go to film camera is my Minolta point-and-shoot. It's compact (read: fits in most of my bags and my winter coat) and anyone can use it! It's my no-fuss camera that I bring with me almost everywhere.

Last week, I finally had the chance to have (3) rolls of film developed and scanned. 1 roll was from Dec 2018-Aug 2019 and the rest were from pre-quarantine 2020 and during quarantine 2020. I have a bad habit of hoarding rolls- but to be fair, developing and scanning are not cheap so I prefer to keep all of it until I have enough for me to justify going downtown etc..

I get my films developed at Downtown Camera. I never had a problem with them and they email and text me a link of my scans whenever it's ready. So 10/10 for convenience! 

*I'm splitting this post into 3 because it would be too long if I fit everything here! Enjoy!

Montreal 08/2019

I used Canon T70 in 50mm with Kodak Portra 160.
Looking at this makes me miss big crowds and farmer's markets. I had great variety of cheese, duck rillettes and mousse in that Medieval Fair.
It's odd to look at these grainy pictures and remember vividly my state of mind. I remember going to a museum in Old Montreal and they had an exhibit about the history of French Cuisine. Being a Culinary graduate, I have a fair share of knowledge of French Cuisine and its remarkable chefs that made the kitchen line we know today but in that moment, as dramatic as it sounds, I felt nostalgic and heartbroken. Around that time was when I decided to quit cooking as a career. A lot of external factors pushed me to make that decision but as I walked through the exhibit, it felt like I'm giving myself my own closure. It truly sucks that my passion wasn't enough for me to feel happy but I don't regret anything. I loved what I did for a living but leaving it was also one of the best decisions I made in my life. 

On a lighter note: St-Viateur Bagel. Iconic.