Listen HERE.

It's been a year since my city went into lockdown and for some time, I felt like I have so much time in my hands yet I feel just as restless- if not more than what I'm currently used to. By fall season, I've rekindled my love for music. I'm not a huge music nerd and frankly, I only mostly listen to songs I used to listen to when I was a teenager (yes, the emo, alt-pop punk kind) but that was enough to make me feel something other than the overwhelming sense of restlessness. It felt good to feel inspired by music again. Since then, I sought out new music and artists. By 'new' I mean songs that are new to me. It could be 80's pop or 70's punk or cheesy indie romantic songs that gets over-played on TikTok. 
If there are apps that helped me get through my day, I'd say Spotify is way up there. 
Honestly, making super specific playlists is such a rewarding hobby. In a way, it feels like I'm making an auditory mood board. 

Anyway, I made this playlist today. It was inspired by "Fukk Sleep" by ASAP Rocky ft. FKA Twigs. 
I hope you like it.